Happy Days #13


I haven’t got around to doing this post for a few weeks so it’s going to be a combination of the last few!

I love making this list.  It means I have to think about all the happy things that have happened this week, no matter how rubbish the week has seemed there is always a little bit of happy in there! Here is my happy list for this week:

:: Disneyland Paris.  Need I say more?!


:: Mali losing her first tooth! She’s been hoping for one to come out for over a year now and one finally has!


:: Anest sticking up for herself in school.  There is a little boy in her class going through a biting phase and he bit her twice in two days, but the teacher said she shouted and hit him so he stopped! They said not to worry about her at all because she can definitely hold her own.  Maybe I shouldn’t find this amusing….but I do!

:: Meeting my new baby niece.  She is absolutely adorable!



:: Lunch out.  Me and my mother have gone shopping a couple of times lately and it’s always an excuse to have a lunch out!


:: A family party.  It was my father-in-law and his twins 70th party last weekend and we all had a lovely time.


:: Half term.  Who doesn’t love a week off the school run?!

:: A new mug.  I really wanted a chip from Beauty and the Beast mug but it must be a Disneyland Florida one, but I am pretty happy with my bambi one instead!


:: Spring Cleaning the house.  I’ve been neglecting it a bit expecting the building work to start any minute, but there is no sign of it starting any time soon, and I feel so much better now that the house is lovely and clean.


:: Finishing my module.  I am officially off until October. Yay!

:: Anest having a certificate for signing ‘sorry’.  Technically I don’t feel she should have said sorry because he bit her first….but I’m glad she learnt how to do it so quickly and I suppose they do have to learn!

:: Jac losing his 6th tooth.  The toothfairy is having an expensive month!

:: The Jungle book.  We went to see it in the cinema and it was amazing.

:: Two bank holidays in one month. Yay!

:: The fair.  It was the first time our three went to a real fair and they loved it.


:: Treating myself to some much needed new clothes.

:: Date Day with James.  We went for a walk along the coastal path down the mumbles.  It was beautiful.

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10 Things I’ve liked/loved {May 2016}

May has been an insanely busy month here and I am hoping is a bit of a slower month!

Here is my list of the ten things that I have loved this month:

1 – Disneyland Paris.


This one had to be top of the list! It was an amazing experience, you can read about what we got up to here.  The kids absolutely loved it and I did just as much! We are all still really tired after it though, it was such an intense few days!

2 – Game of Thrones.

It’s back! Yay! I thought the last series was a bit slow, but this one so far has been brilliant.  It’s a good way of making sure we have a date night every week as well, you will be guaranteed to find us cwtched up under a blanket on the settee at 9pm every Monday night!

3 – A Family party.


It was James’s Dad and his twins 70th Birthday this month, and they threw a mini festival type party for it.  We slept in James’s parents as well so that we could both have a drink and to save us driving home Saturday night and then straight back over on the Sunday.  The kids loved it, and we really enjoyed as well.

4 – Meeting my new baby niece.


She is so adorable! She was 6 weeks old when we finally got a chance to meet her (they live in London) and I seriously could have bought her home with me!

5 – Date Day.


James is off work for a couple of days and we headed down the Mumbles for a walk along the coastal path.  It was lovely spending time together just the two of us, especially when we have had such an insanely busy month that I feel we have been passing ships in the night at home a bit.  The weather was absolutely beautiful as well, we chose a really good day to go.

6 – The Fair.


We went to the fair at the beginning of the month.  It was the first time for the kids to go to a proper fair and they absolutely loved it.  There is such a lovely atmosphere at the fair, especially for kids.  Jac did bump into his teacher there because she lives close by and I think he was slightly freaked out by it.  Although he should be used to it now because I think this is the third or fourth time we have bumped into her on a day out!

7 – The garden.


I think this month has been the most time I have ever spent in the garden with the kids.  Anest absolutely loves it and we seem to be constantly out there when it is dry.  She loves the trampoline but I hate it because we have no idea how old it is and it’s starting to look really unsafe, plus you can’t do the zip up to make sure she stays inside if you have to leave her for a split second.  I usually have to leave one of the other two on Anest duty while I run in for a pee!  So we are getting her a new trampoline for her birthday (she will be 4 next week!) so I am predicting even more time spent out in the garden! It’s nice though for her to have somewhere safe to play out the garden and I like knowing they are all getting plenty of vitamin D and fresh air!

8 – New clothes.


My wardrobe seriously needed updating and I literally have been wearing the same four outfits on repeat the last few months.  So I treated myself to some new clothes, it’s amazing how much of a difference it can make to your confidence just wearing a new top!

9 – Sunny Days.

It’s actually raining as I am writing this, but it does look like it’s going to clear up.  There seems to be more dry days than rainy days at the moment and I am not going to complain about that!

10 – Costa 


Since I have stopped doing the school run for Anest I have less opportunity to just pop in for a cheeky Costa whenever I feel like it.  So when I do have one now it feels like more of a treat! I love a Costa Latte! I’m counting down the days until the Gingerbread ones comes back out for Christmas!


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Disneyland Paris May 2016.

Disneyland Paris.  Where to start.

I can’t believe it has been and gone.  It just happened so quickly!


It was the most amazing experience, and the kids loved it, but it was just so overwhelming.   Everywhere you looked there was something new to see or something going on.  Which isn’t a bad thing, but it was a bit of a strange thing for us country bumpkins!

Anest didn’t come with us to Disney, she wouldn’t have been able to go on many of the rides and it just made more sense for us to be four so nobody was left out waiting their turns for the rides it was just a case of getting on them.  It was really strange though, Anest not being there.  We all missed her insane amounts, and I think we were ready to come home on the Wednesday mainly because we just could not wait to see her.  Missing her didn’t spoil our holiday at all though, which was good as I had been a bit worried that I would be missing her so much that I wouldn’t enjoy properly.


We left early for Bristol airport on the Saturday morning, our flight was at 9.50am so we left at 6am to get there with enough time to spare.  Mali had her usual car sickness much to Jac’s disgust! I really need to research some new ways of helping her with that, those acupuncture wrist band things don’t seem to do much and there is no way she will take any medicine so there has to be some other option out there somewhere!


We stayed at Sequoia lodge, and luckily even though we got there 3 hours before check in, our room was ready so we could just go straight up.  It was a lovely hotel, the bedroom had two double beds and a nice sized bathroom.  We unpacked a few things and then went for a wander into the park.  I wish in hindsight that I had booked somewhere for us to have food that first night and maybe made a bit of a plan about what we should do because we were a bit like lost souls and that wasted a bit of time, plus we couldn’t find anywhere to eat.  We did find a nice buffet place in the end though and it was included in our half board plus meal plan luckily! We had a bit of an early night so we could be up bright and early on the Sunday.



Sunday was a full day spent in the parks.  We only went to the Disneyland Park on the Sunday, and tried to make our way around all the rides before we moved onto the Studios park.


Jac was a bit gutted that he couldn’t go on the Indiana Jones ride as he was a bit too short, but there were plenty of other rides to choose from!  We pretty much covered all of the rides in the Disneyland park with only a few we didn’t get around to doing.  Jac and I went on space mountain twice in a row later on in the evening as the queue wasn’t too long.  He loved it but he did say afterwards he wasn’t going on it again as it had made his head go a bit funny! Probably the fact that you go upside down in the pitch black god knows how many times didn’t help!


We stayed up late to watch the fireworks in the evening.  They were amazing, I expected them to be good but the light show that accompanies them is absolutely amazing.  It must have been really magical for the kids! I found it magical and I’m supposed to be the grown-up!  I was a bit gutted because about 5 minutes in Mali decided she was busting for the toilet so we had to try and make our way through the thousands of people in the crowd to find toilets so we did miss quite a bit of it.  It doesn’t matter though really because we managed to catch the show again on the Tuesday night.  (I was too busy filming the fireworks to take any photos of them, but there is a video on my instagram if you want to see!)


On the Monday we went to the Walt Disney Studio’s park.  It was amazing.


Jac fell in love with the ‘Hollywood tower hotel’ ride which was like a lift you sat down on in the dark that shot you up and down the building.  He is definitely an adrenaline junky! Even Mali went on a few adventurous rides for her which was nice as she usually sticks to the more timid rides.


James dragged us to a car stunt show as well, which I have to admit was pretty good.  Mali got a little bit bored by it as it did go on for quite a while, but Jac and James’s faces were a picture watching it.  I think if we’d have left him, James would have dragged us there everyday to watch it!


In the evening we went to Cafe Mickey for food and it was lovely.  It was a table service restraunt which we decided wasn’t really for us as the kids were so fussy about the menu but it was worth going there just to meet the characters.


Every night they have different characters there that go around all the tables and you get a photo with them and the kids get a chance to get some autographs.  We managed to meet Mickey, Goofy, Eeyore and Pluto.


Tigger was there bouncing around but we missed him which I was a bit gutted about…I love Tigger! The kids loved it.



Even Jac who I thought wasn’t going to be too keen on meeting them, although he did try and hide from them, from embarrassment more than anything! They did hunt him down though!



After we had food we headed for the hotel swimming pool.  It wasn’t really up there on my top ten list of things that I wanted to do when we were in Disney, but  I had brought our swimming stuff because the kids absolutely love swimming.  We did all enjoy messing about in the pool, even though the pool was absolutely freezing which did lessen the experience a bit for me anyway, the kids weren’t bothered at all.  The swimming pool gave you towels as well if you gave your room number which we made full use of as it meant not lugging wet towels home in our suitcases.


Tuesday we woke up early to make the most of the two magical hours we had before park opening.  We went back to the Disneyland Park to finish off the rides we hadn’t managed to do there.  Jac and I headed straight for space mountain as he had loved it and the queue was only 15 minutes long.


Mali had her face painted as well, she had begged a few times since the day we arrived but it was always too late in the day for it to be worth doing, so it was one of the first places we headed once the park ‘officially’ opened.  It was 15 Euros which was quite expensive for face painting but they did do an amazing job and it lasted really well!


We managed to catch the parade as well, which was brilliant.  It created such a magical, exciting atmosphere for the kids and they loved spotting all their favourite characters.  I think seeing Rapunzel made it for Mali.


We headed back to the hotel for a couple of hours just to relax for a bit so that we could stay up for the fireworks later in the night.   They were brilliant, just as good as before!  I made sure Mali went to toilet before they started this time, there was no way I was missing them a second time!

Wednesday was our last day, so we headed back to the Walt Disney Studio’s park to do the rides we hadn’t got round to on the Monday.


I did feel guilty as I accidently traumatised James and Mali by forcing them to come on to the ‘Crush’s coaster’ (Finding Nemo inspired Roller Coaster) which I thought couldn’t be too bad it was in the kids section and it was finding nemo, but it was in the pitch black and you were as if you were in a whirlpool and were spinning round and round, Mali felt sick half way through and all you could hear was James shouting behind us!  It wasn’t the best of rides for Mali to go on with her travel sickness…oops.  James did say he enjoyed it though!   I did feel guilty for a few hours afterwards though as Mali just felt sick for most of the afternoon, and you could tell she was completely traumatised for the rest of the day.  Even now if you mention the ride to her she goes a bit pale! It was funny though.  In a mean mammy sort of way!


At 3pm the Taxi picked us up for the airport, the flight was not until 7pm but they said rush hour could be a nightmare so we needed to leave early.  As it was we got to the airport in 40 minutes, so we had one hell of a wait waiting for our plane and the Charles de Gaulle airport is not the most exciting.  Needless to say we were very pleased to see our plane arriving!


One problem we did have with our stay was that so many of the rides were closed.  The aerosmith ride was closed, thunder mountain was closed and quite a few other things were closed.  It was all on the website when I looked the day before but there wasn’t really much I could do about it!   It didn’t really matter because we only just managed to work our way around everything anyway, but Jac prefers the big rides and there were only two open for him.


As amazing as Disneyland Paris was, I don’t think it would be somewhere we would want to visit every year (the kids would probably disagree with that statement!).  Maybe in about four or five years we will go again when both Jac and Mali are big enough to go on every ride and they will be a bit older which will make it all a bit easier. It was amazing though and we enjoyed every minute of it!   I will start hinting that next time we go it should be to Florida……

We were very excited to get home and see Anest! We missed her so much.






Remember the little things – Our Fortnight – {2/5 – 13/5/16)

Our Week

2nd May – 8th May 2016

We love a bank holiday.  A three day weekend is just lovely.  Maybe they should change every weekend to a three day weekend?  It would make much more sense in my opinion!


We had great plans for Monday but the horrible, rainy weather spoilt them a bit.  We were supposed to be going to the Vintage car show in Swansea but by the time the rain finally cleared up it would have been too late to go by the time we got there and parked.  So we went to the fair in Brecon instead.  It was lovely.  Other than the vintage funfair in Folly Farm, the kids have never been to a proper fair before and they loved it.  It was quite an expensive day out, but it was worth every penny! We popped in to my brother-in-law’s flat before we left then came back to get everyone sorted for back to school the next day after the long weekend.



Tuesday I called into my parents for a cuppa after the school run.  Then I came back home and had a pretty productive day! I managed to get an essay done and dusted.  Just one more to go now before I have finished my uni work until October.  I will admit that is spurring me on a little bit! I managed to get Jac’s game on the computer working, which I have been trying for weeks to do so I had one happy little man coming home from school.  You can guess where he was for the rest of the evening! Mali had after school club on a Tuesday for a change.  She loves it!



On the Wednesday the sun was out.  The clothes were out in the garden which is always lovely, and the kids went out into the garden after school to play.  We really need a new trampoline, our old one is way too small and it’s falling apart slowly.  Anest loves the trampoline now as well, I think it’s probably her favourite things which is definitely a reason to get a new one!



Thursday was another day off for Jac and Mali as the school was closed for elections.  We headed to Clarks to get some sandals in the hope that the sunny weather will finally come!  We had lunch in Harvesters and then went to the Vue to watch ‘The Jungle Book’ it was amazing.  I wasn’t expecting it to be that brilliant, but it really was.  If you haven’t seen it you should! We did have an incident where Mali left her ‘lil pup’ cuddly toy in the cinema so James had to go up to fetch him.  Thanfully he was there!  We had one upset little girl until they were reunited.


Saturday, Mali and I had a morning of board games and Hama Beads.  I love hama beads, probably more than I should at my age! We went up my parents in the afternoon and played in their attic for a few hours.


It was another lovely day on the Sunday, so it was out into the garden for us! Jac and Mali had a waterfight which me and Anest tried to avoid by staying on the trampoline but we did get a bit splashed!


9th May – 13th May 2016

I sat down at the computer all day on the Monday and I managed to finish my last assignment for my psychology module so now I am free to enjoy the summer until October Hurrah! Plus it meant that I didn’t have to think about it at all while we were in Disney!


On the Tuesday I had a good sort out in the house and a tidy ready to get the house all clean and tidy on the Thursday in preparation for going to Disneyland on the weekend.   The sort out really needed to be done! Wednesday we spent some time out in the garden after school, as soon as Anest comes in through the door off the school bus she starts shouting ‘outside! outside!’ so that is where we are spending all our time at the moment when it’s dry!




On the Friday I spent all day packing, then after the kids came home from school we suprised them with the news that we were going to Disneyland Paris on the Saturday.  I shared the video on my instagram if you want a nose! I filled two birthday type bags (Mali’s did say Happy Birthday I didn’t realise until I had bought it, oops!) with Disney themed things like a Disney activity book, and a little minnie and mickey teddy and some Disney PJS and t-shirts for them to guess where we were going.  To say they were excited was an understatement!



I will write about what we got up to in Disneyland soon!




Getting back to blogging.

Things have been so busy here the last few weeks that blogging has had to take a bit of a back seat, which I am gutted about as I have been so good in keeping up with it so far! These things happen though and I am going to be getting back into it starting right now.

You’ll have to bare with me a bit on this blog post, it’s a bit ranty! I do need to get it all down though.

Things with Jac have been very up in the air with how well he is coping in school because of his autism.  He has always had good days and bad days in school, but usually the bad days are just a bit of a melt down and the school are pretty good at calming him back down and him getting on with the day.  The really bad days are usually not too often thankfully.  But last week he had the worst day he has had so far, from what we can gather it was caused by something as little as the boy who had a turn on the computer having a bit longer time on there than Jac had had and it caused him to completely melt down.  There were a few other little things that happened as well, which caused a more extreme meltdown than usual.  Jac’s meltdowns are usually just a bit of shouting and stamping and if it is a bit more of a meltdown he does hit himself or scratch at his face.

This meltdown he completely lost it and was shouting, he threw some books across the room, he tipped over a few chairs and when they did eventually manage to get him back sitting down he dragged a pencil up and down his arms leaving a really red mark on them.  Jac doesn’t have a one-to-one but one of the teaching assistants in the class is pretty much his unofficial one-to-one, without her sitting next to him he wouldn’t get any work done at all.  She spoke to me at pick up time and she admitted she had had a bit of a fright in the way that he was, she said he just completely lost it and usually she can talk him back down but she said her usual techniques were not working.

So the plan is now to get somebody from the autistic unit which is a part of another local primary school in our area to come out and to see what they can advise.  What strategies can be put into place for when things like this happen.

It left me feeling pretty awful though.  In the house when he gets a meltdown he runs to his bedroom or the bathroom and barricades himself in until he calms down and then he will reappear and want to be really cuddled until he feels better.  I can’t even imagine what it must be like for him not being able to deal with your own emotions.  It must be awfully scary.

In a way, maybe it’s not a bad thing that this has happened in school, because at least now they are sending his TA on a course to understand more about autism and somebody is coming in to put some strategies in place.  I think I am going to have to get on to the consultant as well about getting me some support, because I genuinely haven’t got a clue who I turn to to be able to help him.

That’s all I want to be able to do, it to help him work through all the feelings that he gets.

My biggest worry now is that he isn’t going to be able to manage in mainstream secondary and he will have to go into the autistic unit full time, which I don’t have a problem with if that’s the best place for Jac then that is where I want him to be.  My biggest worry is that they are not going to realise that that is what he needs until it’s too late.  That he’s teased by the other kids or targeted for bullying.

I think that I am going to have to find some more advice from somewhere and hopefully by the time we get to the stage that he does go to secondary school we will know exactly where we are.

On a happier note, we have just come back from Disneyland Paris which was amazing! We are so exhausted though, but as soon as everything has settled back down again here and we are back into the swing of things I will be blogging about!  I have been spamming my instagram account with photos of it all if you fancy a nose!

I have finally finished my module for the open university as well, and my next one will not be starting until October so I have a lovely few months ahead of me.  The plan is to get myself organised and put exercise first for a bit! Let’s hope for a six pack by October eh?!  (Who am I kidding?!).

There are a few blog posts planned and a lot to catch up with on the blog so watch this space!




Remember the little things – Our Week {25/4 – 1/5/16}

This week was a busy one.  Every single day there was some sort of appointment that I had to get to, and I am glad that it is over!


On the Monday Anest had an appointment with the Ophthalmologist consultant about her eyes. The last time we saw him he said that she had a dry patch on her eye (Anest can’t blink so she is very high risk of it happening).  He was happy with her eyes this time thankfully!  There is a little bit of something on her eye but because she has ptosis (her eyes do not open very wide) she tends to open them herself and it might be her poking at them that is causing it.  So another operation (her 3rd ptosis operation) will be scheduled for as soon as possible to open them up again and this time because she is that little bit older they will be able to use a different thread type thing to keep them open which could last up to ten years.  The one she had for the last two operations has a year to 18 months lasting period.  So it was a good appointment I feel.  My mum came with me and we called in the drive-thru costa on the way home.  I think I may have a bit of an obsession with costa!IMG_4662 (3)

Tuesday was the autism course again.  I don’t feel that I got any more out of it than I did the last time but I will give it one more chance!  It is nice to meet people with children with autism so really I should just continue for that part of it, but we shall see!


On the Wednesday Anest had a neurology appointment for us to have the results of the MRI scan.  They showed that there is still an issue with the corpus callosum (but that’s not going to change anyway) but that the rest of her brain looks fine.  Thank goodness.  It was one of those appointments that it didn’t really matter what he said because we know she is developing but it is one that you want to go well all the same.  We will probably see him again in a few years for another MRI scan to see if there is any change but other than that it’s just get on with it.  Which is fine by me.

We called into Merthyr on the way home and had a cheeky pizza hut buffet for lunch.  Then had a quick look around Wilkinson’s for some camping things.  Almost there with the camping things! Almost.


Thursday I had my eyebrows done and then spent the rest of the day being lazy and binge watching Mr Selfridge.  I went for a few nights sleeping all night but having really vivid dreams which I could remember pretty much all of in the morning and I just felt like my brain wasn’t turning off for me to get a good rest.  I was literally waking up more tired than I was going to bed so a slouchy afternoon was very much needed!  Thank goodness for the Costa Latte pods for James’s coffee machine!


On Friday I had to take my car for a service so I met up with my friend and we went for a walk around the lake while we waited for it.  It was a nice change from sitting on the settee drinking hundreds of cups of tea.  She had a fitbit as well so every step counts! In the afternoon I came back and got on with a load of uni work which I had been putting off (and struggling to find time for) so I was really pleased with that.


Everyone was pleased that it was a 3 day weekend for the bank holiday!


We went for a lovely long walk on the Saturday.  We tried out Anest’s new back carrier which was brilliant, although I don’t think I have managed to get the straps quite right and I do have a lovely bruise in the middle of my back and on my collar bone from carrying her.  I think for long walks it’s going to have to be James that carries her! We called into my parents for an hour as well.


Sunday was a very lazy day.  James had a day out in the garage fiddling with his car and me and the kids did a bit of everything in the house.  I sorted out the girls wadrobes while they played barbies in Mali’s bedroom.  Jac loved just slouching around in Pyjamas and doing whatever he fancied doing.  We got the crafts out.  We painted Mali’s nails.  It was a nice day to slouch because the weather was so awful.


How was your week?


Happy Days #12


I love making this list.  It means I have to think about all the happy things that have happened this week, no matter how rubbish the week has seemed there is always a little bit of happy in there! Here is my happy list for this week:

:: Getting to the final countdown to Disneyland Paris.  Less than fourteen days now!

:: Bank holiday weekend.  Three days of my favourite people.  Need I say more?

:: Having a slouchy afternoon, ignoring all the things I should be doing and binge-watching Mr Selfridge.

:: A family walk.  We tried out Anest’s new back carrier and it was fab.  We walked for about 3 hours and I carried her all the way, she was a bit heavy for me so James will have to do it next time I think.  Although I’m not convinced I managed to get the straps to where they should be!

:: Meeting up with a friend and going for a lovely walk.  The weather was a bit rubbish but it was a nice change!

:: Having a neurology appointment for Anest and being told that other than the bit on her brain that we know about everything looks normal.

:: A pizza hut lunch date with James and Anest.




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